Happy New Year!

How January 1, 2013 finds us:

  • Barrett is five months, six days; has two lower teeth as of Dec. 28th and started solids the following day. Since he has the rest of his life to develop a taste for carbs, we are starting him out on egg yolks and a green bean-potato puree. He can’t get enough of them!
  • Liberty is two months short of her fourth birthday, loves to paint, play dress-up, and outsmart us with our own logic.
  • Yesterday I was emptying a pan of soaking dishes only to find my iPhone at the very bottom. It had slipped from the window ledge where I had placed it. No one to blame but myself. It is now doing 48 hours in a bag of rice and silica packs. I am re-evaluating my relationship with technology in light of my resulting iPhone withdrawals.
  • Derrick worked Sunday in order to make up time from our holiday travels, and we are spending a quiet day together (after a quiet evening and early bedtime last night).  Parenthood does this to you.
  • We are getting back in the groove after nine days on the road, visiting friends and family in Oklahoma and Texas. To balance out the delightful time spent with loved ones, our van broke down just as we were heading home, resulting in a dreadful repair bill. Thankfully, though, Derrick’s Dad was available for rides and moral support, and the delay lasted less than 24 hours.
  • As soon as I wrap up this blog post, we’ll commence with packing up old clothes and toys in order to make space for the new clothes and toys given to the children at Christmas. If I play this right, there’ll be a net reduction in the amount of stuff cluttering our living space!

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