So Much for Solids

This child won’t stop eating!

Since Barrett was begging to eat every time I turned around, we started solids when we returned from our holiday tour. At first it was great because he could go more than 30-60 minutes without demanding food. But now we are back to square one. I can’t finish a thought without him leaning toward a food source. He’s insatiable!

What to do?

The good news is that he sat on the potty to poop this morning. Which begins to balance out being up all night helping these kids sleep. I was just getting back to sleep myself when my 6 AM alarm went off. I slept until 8:30 when Derrick brought Barrett to me for his second of three breakfasts. After that he had two egg yolks and several tablespoons of broccoli and potato puree. And another round of breastfeeding. Now it is 12 noon and Derrick is rocking him to sleep–the only way to distract him from even more breastfeeding. His feelings are quite hurt nonetheless. Oof!

This morning Barrett weighed 19 lbs. according to our bathroom scales.

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