Proud Moments

Last night was very rough. I’m not sure if it’s when the clock strikes midnight or when I settle in for the night that the children spontaneously awake. Liberty will come over and need to be resettled or Barrett will begin yowling in pain. His incoming teeth just won’t give him a break.

As a result I’ve been dragging most of the day and wondering how I will fare tomorrow when my week of intensive dissertation-writing begins.

There have been two particularly redeeming moments though. 1) Just now Liberty held up a toy magnifying glass and asked, “Can you put milk in a magnifying glass?”

I think that’s her first ever joke.

2) Earlier this morning while Derrick and Liberty were at church, I was breastfeeding Barrett when he turned to grin at me. It was a little unexpected because I thought he was about to fall sleep. But then he also grunted a little, so we flew to the bathroom where I set him on the toilet. And sure enough, he had another poop!

Call me nuts–or disturbingly¬†obsessed with my child’s poops–but I really think he was trying to communicate with me!

The first episode of Downton Abbey, Season Three is on in four minutes. Now I need to choose between watching it or going to bed or cleaning up the house.

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