Since this is my near-private corner of the Internet with few, if any, readers, I’m going to indulge in a little bragging.

Just before the New Year, I read an inspiring blog post about losing weight fast. Desperate to do just that–but expecting a gimmick–I found the enthusiasm contagious. Basically, the post describes a low carb diet*, less than 50 grams of carbs a day.

In the past I’ve had some success in cutting out sugar and simple carbs, but nothing dramatic. My sweet tooth is a bottomless pit, and I can eat savory carbs like a farm hand. So starting on Jan. 1 I started eating low carb–sorta. However, I kept reading the online forums, etc. and quickly realized that in spite of previous weight-loss efforts, I have been inhaling carbs (fruit, whole wheat products) at a shocking rate. No wonder the results were mediocre at best.

On Sunday, I rebooted the program. I’m not tracking carbs, but I’m eating meals for the Induction phase that keep carbs around 20 grams–mostly eggs, veggies, meat, and a little yogurt. Today is the fourth day I’ve been on the plan–so far so good! Staying out of the house all day (working on my diss in Conley House this week) has been key. I’m down four pounds (that’s a pound a day, if you’re trying to do the math). After trying–and mostly failing–to lose a pound a week, that works for me!

So long, baby weight! Let’s plan to buy a new swimsuit in May!

*Of course, for best results, it shouldn’t be approached as a short-term diet, but as a long-term way of eating. Lucky for me, Derrick has no qualms about eating this way either. He agreed he could make rice for himself if he wanted it. Liberty is old enough to have very specific likes and dislikes, but I hope she’s young enough we can slowly but surely guide her away from carbs as well. Our genes haven’t set her (or Barrett) up for success in our carb-saturated world.

3 thoughts on “Indulgence

  1. That long-term thing is really key. You can’t do it if it’s not sustainable, that’s what I’ve decided. I took it slow and set myself a goal of half a pound a week, because they always say that’s the kind of weight loss that is most likely to be sustained over the long term.

    • Right. And I have tried and tried to lose weight the slow, gradual way but usually end up making no progress over the long haul. (That’s probably a commentary on my own lack of focus more than anything else, I’ll admit.) In this case, I’m basically following the Atkins plan which means that my way of eating will increasingly moderate after this initial 2 week induction phase. So we’ll see how it goes. I definitely don’t want to get started yo-yoing, but I do want to kick my carb/sugar dependence!

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