Sick and Snow 2.0

Little did I know last time I posted that we were heading right back into a relapse or round 2 of sickness–this time with a stomach/intestinal twist to it. This time around Derrick and Liberty were hit hardest, and Barrett and I fared better.

In the aftermath of all that, life felt like riding a runaway train–all you could do was hang on and hope it didn’t jump the rails.

Last week, Derrick and the kids and I packed up and went to the Networked Humanities conference in Lexington, KY where I presented a paper. We stayed with a dear friend A. who sadly had to leave the day after we arrived. She kindly let us stay at her house while she was gone. It was a good trip in spite of a lost (and then refound) key, my unexpected 2.2 mile walk to bring the extra key, and cold, windy weather. I got to meet and chat with people who have been influential in my work, and learned about other scholarship that sounds very promising for my diss! And the food! The food was amazing–especially the second day when they had a full Indian buffet. I’ve never had better.

Then this week we were hit with Winter Storm Q. Thursday morning the thunder snow began; I cancelled my 9:30 class, and then the University closed around noon and remained closed on Friday. Which meant no daycare. So today I’m trying to cram two day’s worth of work into one while Derrick is out playing in the snow with the kids. I’m holed up in Conley House, keeping Aunt Sally company. I thought I heard her using the printer on the other side of the wall a while ago, but she was either too fast for me or she was printing on invisible paper because I didn’t see anything when I checked.

And the best part? They say there’s another round of snow coming on Tuesday. Great. Just great.

Last night Derrick and I worked to all hours to get our house in shape. (Is there anything more luxurious than waking up to a clean house? I think not.) Tonight we’re hosting a group of (mostly new) friends. Some have called it a Mennonite gathering, but it’s more or less comprised of people with Menno/Amish roots or affiliation in the Columbia area. Should be fun.

And now I need to get back to work. On to reading for and drafting the third of four body chapters!